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A Complete Handbook for Selling Your Own Home - Ready?

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"A Complete Handbook for Selling Your Own Home"

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Marketing plan:
Have a well thought out marketing plan. Your marketing plan should be in writing, defining the steps you will take and the goals you want to achieve. Plan for your property to be on the market for 6 months, maybe more. If you plan and if you are well prepared for the long term, then you can be pleasantly surprised and relieved if it happens sooner instead of getting frustrated and selling out. Carefully plan your advertising and your open houses. Having open houses too frequently when there is a limited supply of buyers can cause your property to be shop worn. If you are in an area where there is a lot of traffic and constant activity then every weekend could benefit you. Be prepared to reduce the asking price. Have a time frame established to reduce the price if activity is slow. Outline each family memberís responsibilities.
See Marketing Plan, page 5.

Gather information:

  • Talk to all of the necessary *important people* (page 9), get their advice
  • Look at similar homes holding open houses - get ideas, check out the competition
  • Talk to real estate agents from different offices regarding the market place
  • Get information from your lender on your existing mortgage
  • Get information from lenders regarding the current mortgage market
  • Title insurance policy, survey, all household documents
  • Gather contracts and all necessary forms needed for the sales transaction
  • Set up files - important papers, home related items, marketing information
Prepare property:
    Simplify, neutralize, organize (page 11)
  • have a yard sale __________________ (date)
  • rent storage room
    Repair, replace, clean (page 15)
    Have inspections done (will explain later in book)
  • home inspection __________________ (date)
  • termite inspection __________________ (date)
  • roof inspection __________________ (date)
  • radon gas __________________ (date)
    And so on...

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