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A Complete Handbook for Selling Your Own Home - Author's Note

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"A Complete Handbook for Selling Your Own Home"

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Authorís Note...

        Over twenty years of my life has been spent negotiating real estate transactions starting as an appraiser, eventually becoming a broker. During this time I attended multitudes of classes and seminars covering all different aspects of the real estate industry. I have transformed a consolidated version of my twenty plus years experience into this handbook. At first glance you may feel overwhelmed by all of the information. Donít be. The information covers the practical aspects of a real estate transaction in a well organized process. It is important to read the entire book to understand the process. Each section is written in order to teach you the entire process. Look at each step as a building block. Once all the blocks are in place, you will have a secure foundation for making your sale. It is in your best interest not to skip around taking sections out of context.

        This book is written in simple English making it very easy to read. Youíll find the information is concise and to the point even including hazards you may encounter. Each point is clearly identified making it easy to go back and reference. There are no complex techniques to confuse you. If a point seems redundant it probably is for a reason, it is important. Each section will help you become more knowledgeable and have a greater understanding of what you are about to partake. With knowledge comes power!

        The terminology and procedure may vary depending on where you live. So some of the information in this book may need to be modified to meet your local customs and requirements. Although, the steps should basically be the same. Contracts, disclosures, contingencies, etc. may differ depending on where your property is located. Once you find out what your local procedures and requirements are you will be able to take full advantage of the information offered in this handbook. I have tried to cover what you need to know, what you should know, and what you might want to know. Concentrate on what pertains to you. Not everything pertains to everybody so as you read through each section highlight what you can use.

        Your home may be your most valuable asset. Selling your home can be very complex. Learn how to save not only time but money by being prepared. Be organized. Develop a marketing plan and use the tools provided to help you put everything in order from start to finish, including your move. Selling a home successfully needs a lot of preparation and fore thought. This book is designed to help you maximize your time and energy by showing you how to organize and stay organized. Organization will keep you focused, letting you think clearly. Know what needs to be done and do it.

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