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For the serious seller wanting to sell quickly... 
  • A Complete Handbook for Selling Your Own Home - created and written by a real estate broker, walking you through every aspect of selling your own home.
  • Advertising - with AHome4Sale until your property sells
  • Individual Ad Page - provide all the information about your property
  • Photos - Up to 3 color photos included (small extra charge for up to 2 additional)
  • Brochures - FREE personal brochure page you can print and use for flyers
  • Advertiser's Directory - place your ad for FREE with  50+ online real estate sites
  • Website Hosting - included FREE
  • Search Engine Registration - Automatic registration with hundreds of search engines, directories, and classified ads - including Yahoo, AOL, Lycos, Hotbot, Webcrawler, etc.
Save Thousands Of Dollars
by not having to hire a real estate agent.

Maximize Your Sales Efforts

Add  your own personal URL to all your ads, 
including newspapers, magazines, signs, and flyers.  
Showoff your property
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all over the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
All of this for a special price... $39
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 Advertising On AHome4Sale's Website

AHome4Sale maintains updated registration with hundreds of search engines, directories, and classified ad sites. We are constantly updating our site to make sure we achieve results with the search engines.  When prospects are looking for real estate their first choice is to search by the state.   AHome4Sale has a separate index page for each state in the U.S.  Each state index page includes all the ads for that state categorized by price then by city.  This makes it a lot easier for buyers to locate properties for sale in their state of interest.  Don't let your page get lost all by itself in cyberspace!  Hook up with AHome4Sale!!

 Our state index pages get right to the point making it easy for the buyer to see everything that is advertised within their desired state.  When the prospect has to search by how many bedrooms, price range, etc. they could miss a house that would be ideal.  Example:  Buyer inputs a price range of $99,000 - $150,000.  Your house is $150,500.  The buyer would not see your house.  We have tried to avoid possible oversights like this with our design.  AHome4Sale's State Index Page gives you an individual link  to your personal advertisement 

Click here to see a  State Index Page

Your Individual Ad Page

AHome4Sale offers you  a carefully designed ad layout page.  The headline is designed to immediately attract interest highlighting the location and price.  Then comes the picture (very important) and several bulleted items.  The bulleted items are several of the key points that are of interest to the buyers.  Next is space for a lengthy description for you to paint a picture of your property.  Below the description is a separate category to draw attention to all the special features of your property.  Followed by who to contact for more information.  Plenty of room to include everything you want to tell buyers.

Think about the key points you want to see when you are looking for real estate to buy and you will see we have carefully designed our pages so we offer that information to the buyers.

Click here to see a  Sample Ad

Color Photos

Included with your ad is up to 3 photos for no additional charge plus 2 additional photos at the minimal fee of $5 each.  One photo is shown on the ad page and all three photos are included on the brochure.  Photos enhance your ad tremendously!  Take advantage of using photos.


AHome4Sale offers a second page along with your ad page for printing brochures.  Your ad page has a link to your personal brochure page.  This brochure page can be printed and used for flyers, hand-outs, mail-outs, etc.  Prospective buyers can also print your brochure to keep  for a reference.

Take advantage of our online advertising help to create the most awesome attention getting ad and brochure!

Click here to see our  Advertising Help

Advertiser's Directory

Maximum your exposure by placing your ad with as many real estate sites as possible.  To save you an extraordinary amount of time, we have compiled a list of links for you to every real estate site we could find.  All you have to do is click on the link and place your ad.  Could this be any easier!?!  Also included are tools that allow you to quickly and easily fill in web page forms with just a click.

Design your own page.  Advertise it for FREE  with  50+ real estate sites online.  FREE web page tools, search engine submitters, FREE web hosting, FREE email, and other helpful tools for designing your own web page!  

Spending your time placing your ad instead of looking for places to advertise.  You'll find our directory has them listed in one place with direct links to each site.   Do it yourself just got a whole lot easier.  The Advertiser's Directory is now available for a special offer price of only $10 !!! (Included in the special price of $39)

Click here to take advantage of the Advertiser's Directory

Website Hosting and Search Engine Registration

Included in the special price of $39 is the web hosting for your page plus registration with hundreds of search engines and directories, saving you endless hours of work.  At AHome4Sale we are constantly researching ways to improve our standings with the search engines.  We also work very hard to re-register every 3-4 months to stay updated with the search engines.  Our NUMBER 1 objective is maximum exposure!!!.

World Wide Advertising 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week 

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