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  • Show off your property's best feature(s)
    Ask - What attracted you to the house?
  • Create feeling and emotion
    Create emotion with a heading that draws attention other than single family, 3 bedrooms.
  • Be different with your ads
  • Don't abbreviate features
  • Always include your price
  • Write a different ads for different sources of advertising
    1) Newspaper ads
    2) Open house ads
    3) Post cards and brochures
    4) Internet ads - see our sample ad.
  • Don't use all capital letters but be sure to use them where they belong.
  • Don't use all lower case.
  • Properly use commas
  • Make sure you include your entire email address including what comes after the @ sign
Sample Headlines

  1a) Priceless Serenity
  2a) Carefree Commute
  3a) Like To Entertain?

Explain Your Headlines

  1b) Surrounded on three sides by bird sanctuary
  2b) Only two blocks from hwy 101
  3b) Large family and dining room combo

Get the most out of your advertising dollar.
Paint a picture with your ad!

This information can be found in greater detail in
"A Complete Handbook for Selling Your Own Home".

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