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Tips For Selling

Everyone in the household should be assigned specific chores and responsibilities to keep the house impeccably maintained.

Prepare Yourself

  • Be mentally prepared to sell a house not your home.
  • Maximize your time and energy
    1) Have a detailed marketing plan in writing
    2) Set goals
  • Hire an attorney
Stand Out From The Competition
  • Curb appeal is the first impression, make it a great one
    1) Mow, trim, edge, add flowers
    2) Keep entryway clean
    3) Store tools, bikes, toys out of sight
  • Have professional looking signs
  • Buyers equate cleanliness with a well cared for home so clean, clean, clean!
  • Don't overlook minor repairs, such as drips, leaks, and clogs
  • Neutralize - Color schemes that are very personal are hard to sell
  • Remove clutter - create space
    1) Rent a storage room
    2) Put excess furniture and packed boxes in storage
    3) Clean out closets, garage, cabinets
  • If something needs to be repaired, repair it
    Nobody wants to buy your broken stuff!
  • If something can not be repaired, replace it
Determine An Asking Price
(see market analysis)
  • Know your competition!
  • Research the market, gather data, then do a market analysis
  • The seller sets the price. What the buyer is willing to pay, sets the value
  • Set the right price and chances are your property will sell quicker
  • Overpricing your property limits your market
  • So the first asking price you set is crucial
  • Get an appraisal to support your price
Creative Advertising
(see advertising help)
  • Be sure to include the price in all advertisements
  • Always use the word approximate when quoting square footage
  • Write ads that get attention
  • Have an open house for real estate agents
  • Show by appointment only
  • Being available for appointments will bring you success in selling
  • Show a feature, give a benefit
  • House smells will kill sales
    1) No smoking in the house
    2) Get rid of pet odors
    3) Take out the garbage and trash
    4) Use fresh flowers, pot-pourri, air freshners
  • Kitchen and bathrooms should shine
  • Relocate pets for showings
  • Do not discriminate
  • Never try to deceive a prospect
  • Safety Tips
    1) Be very careful who you let into your home especially after dark
    2) Secure jewelry, wallets, cash, etc. out of sight
    3) Never meet a stranger at a vacant house alone
  • Be prepared, the first person to look at your house may buy
  • Pre-qualify your buyer
  • Don't be offended by low ball offers
  • Learn to play the offer ~ counteroffer game
  • You don't have a valid contract without signatures
  • Review the title work prior to closing
  • Understand the closing statement
  • Your sale is not complete until you have check in hand
  • Start planning your move 6 to 8 weeks in advance
  • Have an inventory checklist for everything you pack

This information can be found in greater detail in
"A Complete Handbook for Selling Your Own Home".

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